The Snøfrisk® story

Pure, natural and with absolutely no additives. Produced from the purest milk from free-roaming goats and cows, Snøfrisk® is a white, unripened and semi-hard goats cheese made in the heart of the Norwegian countryside. Translated as ‘snow fresh’ in English, Snøfrisk® is one of the world’s most exquisite dairy products.

Norway is a country of contrasts and in many ways has shaped our identity and approach to our produce. Majestic fjords give way to towering mountains; arctic winters bleed into bright and crisp summer days. We find ourselves both influenced and inspired by our natural environment - with so much change; beauty is found in uncomplicated simplicity.

At its heart, Snøfrisk® embraces this ethos and emphasizes the distinctive character and top quality of fresh Norwegian produce. Made with plenty of goat’s milk, cow’s cream and a small amount of added salt for flavor, the simplicity of these well-chosen ingredients creates a cheese with an elevated taste and a unique palette - with endless possibilities. 

You could say that is great about our cheese begins with our goats. Free to roam all summer across pastures and mountain ranges of breathtaking beauty, our goat farmers pride themselves on the care and love for these special animals. Feeding on everything nature has to offer means they grow up on mineral-rich plants and protein and contribute greatly to maintaining the biological diversity of their environment.