The Snøfrisk® Collection

Snøfrisk® Natural

Snøfrisk® Natural is an extremely versatile cream cheese. It has a mild, rounded taste and makes a great sandwich filling or topping. It can also be used as an ingredient when cooking or baking. Enjoy it on its own or combine it with your favourite foods, such as raspberries, garlic, horseradish, chives or juniper berries. There are countless possibilities. For something extra special, add a little to a sauce the next time you make one. You can also combine it with a little icing sugar or vanilla sugar to make a delicious topping for carrot cake.


Pasteurized goat's milk (80 % of total amount of milk), pasteurized cream (from cow's milk), salt and bacterial culture.


Refrigerated 0-4 ° C

Nutritional content per 100 g

  • Butterfat
    25 g
  • Protein
    6,6 g
  • Saturated Fatty Acids
    16 g
  • Salt
    1,3 g
  • Trans Fatty Acids
    0,6 g
  • Vitamin A
    250 μg
  • Carbohydrates
    2,0 g
  • Phosphorus
    130 mg
  • Sugars
    2,0 g
  • Iodine
    39 μg
  • 100 g cheese gives approx.
    1071 kJ (259 kcal)


4.4 OZ / 125 Grams