How our climate creates intense flavour

How our climate creates intense flavour

Norway - a country of contrasts. Majestic fjords, towering mountains, light summer nights, dark winters, wide mountain plateaus, thundering waterfalls, endless expanses of unspoiled nature and mighty cliffs that take your breath away. Norway is situated so far north that you would imagine it to be only an agreeable habitat for polar bears. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, however, Norway enjoys a climate which makes the country habitable and enables the cultivation of pure fresh products with intense flavours.

Slow growth gives good taste
Due to the mild winds from the west, Norway is blessed with higher average temperatures than any other area so far north. This allows the cultivation of crops which would not normally grow at these latitudes. Besides, Norway is one of the few countries in the world that truly has four seasons.

The Norwegian coastline measures 2,650 km - and ten times longer if the fjords are included. The mild climate in and around the fjords with plenty of precipitation makes the vegetation along the arms of the fjords extremely lush and fertile. Though the summers in northern Norway are short, plants grow both day and night thanks to the midnight sun that never sets! Longer growing periods in cooler conditions produce crops that are full of flavour. If you have ever tasted a Norwegian carrot or strawberry, you know what we mean.

Keeping it simple
Norwegians like to emphasise the distinctive character and top quality of their fresh produce and the Norwegian kitchen is not known for using many herbs. It is the pure and natural taste of fresh produce which is characteristic for most of the traditional dishes. Food should retain the taste of the raw materials from which it is made.

Cold climate equals healthier food
Norway is a great country when it comes to animal and plant health. The cool climate and stringent import restrictions make plants and animals less vulnerable to diseases and pests. This enables Norway to produce plant and animal products of top quality without having to resort to medicines and chemicals.

The importance of animal well-being
Norway has a tradition for good animal husbandry where small herds allow farmers to have closer contact with their animals. During the summer months outdoor grazing is a matter of course, and sheep, goats and cows can roam freely in the pastures. The result is a content livestock, good animal health and grazing animals that are a natural feature of the Norwegian landscape. All this affects the taste of the produce! Seasoned by the natural forage they eat all summer, Norwegian lamb is perhaps the best in the world. As for Snøfrisk® made from fresh goat’s milk - well, you need to taste it and experience it for yourself.