The TINE Story

TINE SA (prev.TINE BA) is a cooperative owned by more than 15.000 Norwegian dairy farmers. TINE started out in 1881.

TINE from a historic point of view:

1856: The first dairy cooperative in Norway and Northern Europe was founded with 40 members - Rausjødalen Meieri. It consisted of a dairy building and a cowshed for 100 cows.

1881: A considerable increase in dairy farming made a cooperation within the industry necessary. Thus, the first nationwide organisation, Den Norske Meieriforening (the Norwegian Dairy Association), was founded in 1881.

1900: 780 sites in operation, the largest number of dairies ever registered in Norway. Today there are 49 production sites.

1928: The forerunner of TINE SA was established with the aim of organising the export of Norwegian dairy products.

1942: Norske Meieriers Eksportlag (Norwegian Dairies' Export Company) changed its name to Norske Meieriers Salgssentral (Norwegian Dairies' Sales Outlet)

1984: The company was renamed Norske Meierier (Norwegian Dairies).

1992: TINE Norske Meierier (TINE Norwegian Dairies) was introduced.

2002: TINE BA became the official name of the company.

2006: the TINE dairy cooperative celebrated its 125th anniversary.

2010: TINE BA changed their name to TINE SA according to the new law for dairy cooperatives

The name TINE

The "tine" (pronounced teeneh) is a traditional Norwegian wooden container to keep butter and cheese fresh. Dairy products were traditionally produced on farms using different wooden vessels. These were often attractively carved and occassionally richly decorated in the traditional Norwegian "rose painting" style.

Today, the TINE trademark is strongly linked to the top quality of TINE’s products.